Photo by Saša Ćetković

You’ve Tried Moon-Walking But Have You Tried Moon-Cycling?

The island of Pag has 14 cycling trails totalling over 115 km in length, while the splendour of the landscape will satisfy even the most demanding visitors. Although it may be difficult to single out which trail is the best, everyone agrees upon one thing – cycling on Pag is definitely a unique experience.

Why Pag? A picture is worth a thousand words!

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When cycling along the island of Pag, it will feel like you are riding on the moon. This is due to exceptionally strong winds in winter and early spring that hit the island at speeds exceeding 200 km/h, together with the Adriatic whose waves crash into it from the sea. The island is full of barren grey stone cliffs, which provide minimal living conditions for the development of flora and fauna. Therefore, the bare rocks and lack of greenery and animal life make Pag resemble the moon.

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The island is 60 km long and 2.5 – 9 km wide, and connected by one main road linking the north and south sides of the island. The road is in excellent condition and follows the contours of the island perfectly. It is a delight to cycle on it because you can cover the island in one day, and it is not too difficult as there are not many inclines. If you want to get to the edges of the island, you will descend to the local roads with which you can explore the inlets with their crystal clear sea and hidden coastal villages.

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When you’re done cycling, we recommend that you rejuvenate yourself with excellent Pag cheese and lamb together with a salad seasoned with olive oil, and for drinks you definitely have to try the local red wine.

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Proof that aliens are acquainted with Pag is the existence of a megalithic imprint shaped like an isosceles triangle known as the “Pag Triangle”. This phenomenon was discovered in May 1999 and has since attracted the attention of many curious folk, and so far been visited by over 100,000 people from all over the world. So what are you still waiting for? Put on Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra and come! 🙂