Vibrancy With a Dash of Lunacy – Zagreb and its Weird Museums!

Some say that Zagreb is the perfect-sized city – not too big, not too small. Others say that it has a great nightlife. We agree, but that’s not all! Zagreb has a fantastic selection of unusual museums you have to visit…

Museum of Broken Relationships

Have you broken up a long-year relationship? So what! We have the perfect museum for people like you. Get over your emotional breakdown in a ritual way, donate something from your collection of personal things that remind you of your ex, and continue living happily for the rest of your life.

Museum of Illusions

You finally have the opportunity to turn things upside down, play with your perception, and train your brain with visual tricks. What seems impossible here becomes possible. Want to see your head on a plate? Yes! Then here’s your chance!

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Museum of Contemporary Art

Art for you means moving boundaries – always something new and exciting. Where only a rare few see something, you see everything there is to see, including the hidden context. Before you are 11,999 challenging works of modern art and one twisted slide.

Visit the World’s Biggest Mushroom Museum

Meet the tastiest and the deadliest mushrooms of the world in the centre of Zagreb. There are over 1500 species of mushrooms displayed in this unique museum and the collection keeps growing every day.


Chocolate Museum

The Chocolate Museum of Zagreb is a theme park dedicated to chocolate, its historical, geographical and cultural meaning.

It will take you on an interactive trip through time and space, engaging all senses – sight, scent, touch, sound and of course taste.

Dražen Petrović Memorial Center

Not too long ago in Croatia lived the world’s best basketball player outside the NBA. His name was Dražen and he was the idol of many generations. Dražen is no longer with us, but he has left a legacy of numerous records, trophies, recognitions, and other valuable memorabilia most of which are kept in this museum.

Museum of Torture

The Museum of Torture will definitely grab everyone’s attention. Although the unique tales, machines, and torture instruments seem unreal, and more like a figment of our imagination or a movie, this museum will convince you otherwise. Especially through its interactive content and stimulation of all your senses, it will instill some fear into your bones!

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