Photo by Daniel Pavlinović

These Amazing Vineyards Will Make You Dizzy Just From Looking

Croatian wines are characterised by a diversity that derives from an unbelievably vast array of climatic conditions for such a small country. In the south, in Dalmatia, we encounter the hot Mediterranean climate, while the northern part of the country is like the cool, green and damp Alpine wine regions. These vineyards have been cultivating vines for thousands of years, and we have singled out several of them.

Dingač Vineyard – Pelješac, Dalmatia

Croatia’s most famous vineyard, whose name has been protected ever since 1952, is located at the very south of Dalmatia, on the Pelješac Peninsula. From it stem one of the few Croatian wines that are named solely after the vineyard, not the variety. Steep slopes descend from a height of several hundred metres all the way down to the deep, clear blue sea.

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Bucavac Vineyard – Primošten, Dalmatia

A picture of this vineyard was displayed in the lobby of the United Nations in New York where it stood as a monument to human toil. Stone pockets holding only a few vines each were built to preserve the valuable and seldom fertile soil from harsh winter winds and erosion into the sea. Once you taste it you will surely have a high appreciation for the Babić variety cultivated here!

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Valle Vineyard – Momjan, Istria

Istrian vineyards are mainly positioned in the interior. The small Valla dale at the foot of the medieval town of Momjan is where some of the most aromatic Croatian wines are cultivated. Momjan Muscat (Moscato Momiano) is now a protected wine, and one which after just one glass you will never be able to forget!

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Plešivica Vineyard – Zagreb Area

The Plešivica Amphitheatre is the name given to a group of vineyards shaped in the form of an amphitheatre that align the best vineyards in the Plešivica Region near Zagreb. Cultivated here are varieties that have adapted to colder climates such as Riesling, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Ave Plešivica!


St. Urban Vineyard – Međimurje

The sunbathed slopes of St. Urban and the chilly climate of the farthest northwestern corner of Croatia offer ideal conditions for a first-class Sauvignon Blanc. In addition to fragrant wines, this region is famous for its delicious local cuisine and spas, making it one of the most popular destinations for continental tourism.

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Štrigova Vineyards – Međimurje

According to tradition, it was here on these picturesque hills that the ancient Romans planted their first vine. This is a wine-lovers little corner of paradise, so they say – it is up to you to see for yourself. Embark on the Međimurje wine road and try the stable, complete taste, seductive colour and fragrance of the wines in the cellars and wine tasteries of the Štrigova region that will charm you as much as the region itself – from the first time and forever. Multiple award-winning samples of the divine wines from the Štrigova region are the white varieties of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Graševina, Rhine Riesling, Pinot Gris and White Pinot, Gewurztraminer, Green Sylvaner, and Yellow Muscat. Lovers of red wine have a slightly shorter list to choose from – Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon, while rosés from all our manufacturers will surely be coming to your tables after only a small sip. They say that this region, where the earth and sky are fused into one, makes everyone feel at home, and home is where the heart is and where you always return.

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Banska Kosa Vineyard – Baranja

The mild, long, and wide slopes of the Banska Kosa Hill vineyards in Baranja offer ideal conditions for Graševina – Croatia’s favourite variety of wine. Discover why Croats love it so much, especially during hot days when the most popular drink is the so-called gemišt!

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Venje Vineyard – Kutjevo, Slavonia

This unique vineyard bearing the same name as the village has always been famous for its fine wines. It ascends deep and high into a forest at an altitude of 385 m above sea level, and is situated on volcanic rock, making the wine from this vineyard specific in terms of minerality and taste. This is truly a special wine for special occasions!

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