Photo by Aleksandar Gospić

Some Sail the Seas, Others Sail Croatia

Imagine how it was to sail the very same waters with the legends of the past. Odysseus and St. Paul, who were both shipwrecked and forced to spend time on the stunning island of Mljet, as was Richard the Lionheart further south on Lokrum. Set your sail in the same place Marco Polo set his as he started his travels from his native Korčula or navigate the seas of the islands surrounding Istria, which were created during a battle fought amongst the Greek gods and served as the delivery point for Jason’s Golden Fleece.

Imagine sailing in a sea of culture, with no less than 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites within easy mooring distance – in Poreč, Zadar, Šibenik (two!), Trogir, Split, Stari Grad and Dubrovnik. Imagine a country with a wine tradition dating back thousands of years with over 130 indigenous varieties, then sail to the vineyards of the Pelješac Peninsula to taste the intoxicating Plavac Mali reds, the many indigenous varieties which exist only on specific islands – Pošip and Grk on Korčula, Bogdanuša, Darnekuša, Prč, Kuč and Mekuja on Hvar, Vugava on Vis, Dobričić on Šolta, and Žlahtina on Krk – before visiting the birthplace of the original Zinfandel in Kaštela and the internationally acclaimed Malvazija and Croatian Istria Teran wines.

Rizman d.o.o.

Imagine a sailing experience in a land whose Mediterranean diet is protected by UNESCO, and whose abundant Adriatic sea provides some of the finest seafood out there, local and fresh, which will take you back to a different era, returning you home. Enjoy these simple pleasures on the back on your boat as you explore the innumerable islands, or discover some of the hidden culinary gems in tiny bays all over the Adriatic. The bays on the Kornati islands, for example, such as those on Žut, an island with no water, electricity or ferry lines, but with restaurants offering seafood which attracts Hollywood A-listers away from the cameras. You can try the famous Pag lamb on Kornat, slow food at its best.

Maja Danica Pečanić

Imagine a sailing experience during which you are surrounded by sensational wildlife and natural beauty at every turn. More than 10% of the country is covered by national and nature parks, and some of the country’s most beautiful spots can be explored by boat in the national parks of Mljet, Krka, Paklenica, Kornati and Brijuni. National Park Brijuni is the home of a former President’s summer residence, and it offers a rather surreal wildlife experience since it still houses a spectacular collection of wildlife gifted to him by the 60 heads of state who visited the residence. If you are interested in even more indigenous wildlife, a visit to the sanctuary for griffon vultures on Cres is certainly a unique experience.

Ivo BIočina

Where to moor your boat in this magical sailing paradise? Aren’t all islands more or less the same? By no means! Almost as impressive as the number of islands is the diversity which exists on them – highlights include visiting the Island of Vitality and the 3,000-year-old statue of Apoxyomenos on Lošinj, shopping for coral souvenirs on Zlarin, sailing into hidden submarine bases on Vis and Lastovo, visiting the island of Brač to see the stone used in the White House, visiting an arboretum, art gallery and the lowest vineyard in the country (just 1 meter above sea level) on the Sveti Klement island, visiting the oldest public theatre in Europe on Hvar, or diving for natural sponges on Krapanj and corals on Zlarin?

Tomislav Radica

A thousand islands, a million sailing memories, and the good news is that there is no need to imagine, for the country is already here.

Ivo Biočina

Croatia, full of islands to discover – your sensational sailing holiday awaits.