Photo by Aleksandar Gospić

Pick a Peak: These Mountains are Calling You!

Besides the fact that conquering peaks is considered a major challenge, every mountain climber climbs to enjoy the magnificent view after a strenuous ascent. Take on the challenge and conquer each of these peaks because you will get to see Croatia as you have never seen it before!


Sveto Brdo at 1751 m is the first place in the hearts of many mountain climbers. This barren peak can be reached from several directions, each of which requires five to seven hours of hiking. Even so, the view that will reveal itself to you will wipe away all your fatigue.

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The Bijele Stijene (White Cliffs) rock formation is a strict reserve situated in the heart of Gorski Kotar. The trail leading to the summit is called the Vihoraški Trail. The ascent along this most fascinating but also most demanding mountain trail in Croatia takes about four hours, and begins on a gravel road that connects Jasenak and Mrkopalj.

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If you are a serious hiker with full gear, then climbing the highest peak in Croatia, Sinjal (1831 m) on Dinara ought to be at the top of your wishlist of mountains to climb. No one will be left unaffected after hours of intense climbing through the matchless beauty of its meadows, forests, and barren stones, combined with rocky cliffs and the sea. The Dinara summit is the only summit in Croatia where climbers have to prove their presence with a photograph, and not just a stamp.

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Gola Plješivica is the peak of the northern part of the Lička Plješivica massif which is part of the Dinara mountain range. It extends northwest-southeast from the Plitvice Lakes. Its allure is perhaps best illustrated by the fact that in the 16th century it was also called Devil’s Peak.

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They say that Biokovo is the harshest Croatian mountain. The Biokovo ridge stands out with several colossal peaks, of which Vošac is the most beautiful. The ascent is extremely steep and takes four to five hours. Its 1421-metre high summit yields the most magnificent view in Croatia. In addition to the steep cliffs of the massif, the Makarska Riviera is also visible, as are the islands of Brač and Hvar “sailing” in the sea.

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