Photo by Davorin Mance

No Filter Can Beat Croatia’s Autumn Sun

Almost everyone loves sunsets, and a beautiful sunset can turn any place into a magical postcard. Still, there are places where the sunsets are simply unsurpassable. If the sun could take its own selfie, it would probably do so in one of these Croatian places:

Zadar: Oscar for best sound editing and visual effects

Alfred Hitchcock once said that Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, and we all know that the famous director had an eye for a good shot. Spectacular colours and the sound of the sea organ will leave you breathless, just like his movies, and no rerun will ever be boring. Definitely a must-see!

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Rovinj: romantic is fantastic

This beautiful Istrian town is made for romance, and is there anything more romantic than a sunset? Take your place on the rocks, a glass of Malvasia in your hand, and the first time you see the sunset in Rovinj, you will admit that love at first site really does exist! Even the biggest anti-romantic will sigh aaaaaaaah openly without shame!

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When the Drava kisses the sky

For those who want to be more original than simply taking an endless series of shots of the red sky and sea, the sunset on the Drava River will be a real hit. Apart from fishing, the Drava is a true mini paradise for magical photographs of the sun dipping into the river, and with no effort at all every shot will look like a dream.

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Medvedgrad: a historically beautiful sunset

The bishops, viceroys, princes, and gentry who ruled Medvedgrad for centuries knew very well what the view was like from above. The view from the 593 metre-high medieval fortress offers an entirely different outlook on the Croatian capital. Zagreb by Night is a treat for the end!

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