Photo by Zoran Jelača

Many Rivers to Cross: Rivers for an Amazing Adventure

Croatia is known as a country with numerous beautiful rivers, many of which offer a variety of adventure activities to choose from.


At the foot of Dinara Mountain, a beauty bearing the highest peak in Croatia, the tame Cetina River emerges. It is ideal for rafting, and one of the rare Croatian destinations to offer canyoning – a unique adventure consisting of climbing, swimming, and abseiling down the refreshing river through the canyon. The Cetina canyon also offers zip-line adventure – a slide from one end of the canyon to the other along a 100-metre-long cable, at a height of 150m and speed of 65km/h.

Krupa and Zrmanja

When you climb the plateau at the foot of Crnopac on the Velebit Mountain, stretched out below you is a canyon that is among the most beautiful sites in Croatia. The green fantasy deep below is the Krupa River, which flows into the Zrmanja a few bends later, and whose waterfalls rush towards the sea. These two rivers are Velebit’s treasures and are considered the most beautiful rivers in Croatia. You can paddle down the river in rafts, kayaks, or canoes. The unique wild landscape also served as a natural backdrop for the shooting of the legendary movie Winnetou.

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The Kupa River looks as though it is hiding its beauty and waiting for someone to discover it. It offers travellers a drink, refreshment and amusement, and then it holds their hand, not letting them return home. Rafting on the Kupa is most ideal in the spring and autumn months when the water level is high due to the rain. Lower water levels in the summer months make the Kupa a very popular place for fans of kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.


The beauty of Mrežnica with its numerous small cascades is enticing for rafters, kayakers, and canoeists. An impressive canyon, travertine barriers and waterfalls, and crystal clear mountain lakes – this river simply has it all.


Climbing to the top of the rocky Greben lookout at the foot of the Istrian village Čabrunići and looking at the canyon of the Mirna River will take your breath away. The name itself (Mirna=calm) describes this river that for thousands of years patiently pushed through the cliffs at the foot of the Ćićarija plateau. It is precisely these cliffs near Buzet that are popular for rock climbing. There is also a hiking trail right along the river called “The Seven Waterfalls Trail”.


Krka is the opposite of Mirna because of the volume of noise it makes with its beautiful waterfalls as though seeking to draw attention to itself and its grandeur. Swimming in these falls is something you definitely need to try! Besides, Krka is the ideal rafting destination in the central Adriatic. The fact that the river region was declared a National Park speaks enough of the uniqueness of this area.

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