Photo by Bojan Haron Markičević

Climb the Highlights of the Adriatic Islands

It is a well-known fact that the most beautiful embellishment of the Croatian coast are its 1244 islands. Not as famous, but just as impressive, are their mountain tops. For starters, they rise directly from the sea. Because of this, their heights are not excessive. Nevertheless, they are quite a challenge for the guests who want to go hiking.  The possibilities are endless for those who want to get to know our islands with hiking boots on their feet because the island mountain tops are incredibly accessible, interesting and beautiful at any time of the year.

Hrvoje Serdar / Lošinj Hotels & Villas

Beauty and the Beast – Osoršćica on the Island of Lošinj

With its beautiful vistas and accessibility, Osoršćica on the Island of Lošinj is one of the most attractive Croatian island mountains. It got its name after the small town of Osor that is, interestingly enough, not located on the Island of Lošinj but the nearby Island of Cres. You can reach the Sveti Gaudent mountain lodge, the highest peak Televrin (588 m) and the viewing point of Sveti Mikula by following the marked hiking trails from Osor or Nerezine. With the exception of Osoršćica, there is a network of trails across the entire island where you can see all its beauty but also suffer horrible muscle ache.

Bojan Haron Markičević

Multifaced Nature – Kamenjak on the Island of Rab

A rocky desert or a green valley? The Island of Rab offers you both, but you have to discover them. It takes an hour and a half of trail hiking to reach the highest island top of Kamenjak (410 m). That trail, as well as other trails in the Lopar area, are the works of Ante Premužić, a prominent builder of the longitudinal Velebit tourist trail. Speaking of Velebit, do you know that the most impressive view of its entire span can be seen from the mountain top on Rab? Get your camera ready!

Ivo Biočina

Adrenalin Bomb – Dugi otok

The hiking trail that leads along the cliff edges in the Telašćica Nature Park is one of the most exhilarating trails in Croatia. In certain places it gets so close to the sea that it seems as though you can scoop some water up. Brave souls have been attracted to the Strašna peć cave located in the central part of the island for over a hundred years. Those who need even higher adrenaline dosages can visit the mountain top of Orljak (301 m) to bask in the view of the Zadar archipelago.

Alan Čaplar

Golden Mountain – Vidova gora on the Island of Brač

Vidova gora (780 m) on the Island of Brač is the highest mountain in the Adriatic archipelago. The vista that is sure to provide you with golden moments is definitely the Zlatni rat beach. This is the start of a two-hour hiking trail that takes you all the way to the top of the mountain. When on Brač, you should hike to the desert of Blaca, Zmajeva špilja cave by Murvica and the natural stone arch named Koloč – legend says that if you cross under this Earth’s work of art, your wishes will most definitely come true). Pick your own golden first place!

Alan Čaplar

Small but Mighty – Hum on the Island of Vis

Even though the Island of Vis is a relatively small island, it is very mountainous. It exceeds the 500 m altitude and features a network of hiking trails that reach numerous interesting places and vistas, even a cave complex! Directly above the Vis harbour there is a mountain lodge named Sveti Andrija. Two built hiking trails lead to it allowing you to do a round hike. The view from the top and from the chapel of Sveti Duh is enhanced by the bay where the town of Komiža is nestled. It is one of the most beautiful coastal towns with a long fishing tradition. This is a place you should definitely visit and taste!

Antun Cerovečki

Place Straight Out of a Myth – Mljet

This island has been well known since the ancient times. The story goes that Odysseus, one of Homer’ heroes, lived in a cave on the island. Veliki grad (514 m), the highest mountain top on the island, is located above the cave. The western part of the island is protected as a national park and the trails in the park are marked for hiking making it easy to go on numerous hikes, especially to the peaks of Montokuc, Gradina and Veliki Planjak. These peaks provide nice views of the Malo and Veliko lakes with the small island of Sveta Marija. All of these Mljet pearls are connected by the unique Mljet hiking bypass that enables hikers to enjoy all the sights of the most beautiful places on the greenest Croatian island within a three day period.